What Is the Definition of Oral Health?

Dental health refers to the overall wellbeing of the gums, teeth and jawbone and is a definition that can be applied to a number of different areas. Oral health is the process of maintaining one's teeth and gums free from infection and other issues by regularly brushing, flossing and cleaning the teeth thoroughly. To maintain good oral health, it is necessary that oral hygiene is performed on a routine basis to prevent bad breath and overall dental health.

definition of oral health


Oral health is a complex concept that takes into consideration a person's general well-being as well as their mental state at any given time. It focuses on the maintenance of the face, head, throat and teeth in top condition. The process of maintaining good oral health and disease prevention involves regular checkups with your dentist. It is advisable to take regular dental assessments for overall health and to have your dentist assess your gums and teeth twice each year for a dental cleaning. In many instances dental clinics and hospitals offer comprehensive services that can help you with your specific needs.

Dental health care is an essential part of caring for yourself. There are several ways that disease can affect your mouth and teeth, some more than others. Oral cancer is one such disease where tooth or gum tissue may become cancerous, thus changing the function and appearance of your teeth. Tooth sensitivity is another issue that can affect your oral health. The condition can be severe enough to interfere with everyday tasks such as eating, speaking, writing and certain eye-related functions.

Dentistry has traditionally been defined as the medical science that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and abnormalities of the tissues of the mouth and associated structures and organs. Today, oral health has become an important factor in the process of building successful relationships, enhancing job performance, enhancing work efficiency, achieving and maintaining good psychological and physical health and well-being. Proper oral health care can provide a boost to your sense of well being, as it can support your mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. This new definition of oral health care reflects the importance of incorporating a comprehensive approach to diet, exercise and oral health management services. It also recognizes the importance of using effective and appropriate dental procedures, products and therapies for the prevention and treatment of oral illnesses and diseases. This includes the use of cosmetic dentistry in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with oral health concerns and problems.

The changes that took place within the field of dentistry over the past two decades have created a new definition of oral health care. Oral health now encompasses a much wider range of disease, disorder and congenital anomalies and it incorporates many more aspects of the discipline. Oral health now includes prevention of disease through education, promotion of mouth care and disease detection. Oral health now encompasses prevention of disease through education, promotion of mouth care and disease detection. Oral health now also encompasses the promotion of disease detection. This new definition has resulted in increased educational opportunities for the promotion of oral health and its specialties.

The most effective definition of oral health is to promote good overall health. Prevention is the first and most important component of good oral health. Prevention of disease means that we take measures to try to keep ourselves from getting sick. It is through a balanced diet, regular exercise, proper smoking cessation and avoidance of drinking and drugging which help to keep us away from the risks of getting the disease in the first place. Good hygiene and regular flossing and brushing are other important aspects of preventing disease. These three things are very essential for a healthy smile and the maintenance of overall good health.

The second most important aspect of good oral health is to detect disease before it starts. This is done through education and awareness. Public campaigns are also conducted to raise awareness about diseases that are commonly associated with poor oral health. The definition of this discipline as a whole includes a strong effort by all sectors to act on this threat to mankind and reverse the trend of modernism. The definition of this discipline can only be defined as a movement by humanity to preserve life.