Hair Care Routines: Silky, Frizz-Free, and Easy to Follow

A proper hair care routine for naturally curly hair could prevent many adverse conditions such as dry, frizzy, and unruly hair. Because your hair is so much more exposed to the environment, it's subjected to many harmful hair damaging elements on a daily basis. However having naturally curly hair isn't always something most people want and is highly lauded today. So how can you make your hair care routine as natural and healthy as possible?

hair care routine


The first step in any hair care routine is to ensure that you're using the correct products and shampoo for your type of hair. If your hair is dry then you'll want to use a shampoo that has a mild formula and is not excessively hot. You want to take the time to rinse thoroughly and then apply conditioner to seal in moisture. For those with oily hair you'll want to use a shampoo that's very gentle, but still is effective at removing excess oil. After you rinse, apply a deep conditioning treatment to lock in the moisture you've worked so hard to obtain.

Another step in any hair care routine is to protect it from the environments in which you live. Shampooing hair straight from the shower is great for promoting moisture and improving your hair type, however you may wish to also consider washing it after a heavy rain or use a clay bar to add protection against breakage. In addition, it's important to pay careful attention to the type of detergent you choose. Detergents that are too heavy or that are too harsh can strip your hair out over time, leaving you with lifeless-looking tresses.

One key element of any hair care routine is to be sure you rinse out your hair and scalp as soon as you come into contact with any heat source. Heat tends to build up and cause breakage of your natural oils. When you get out of the shower, you want to have your head covered with a towel to absorb the water. After washing your hair you'll want to leave it to absorb the remaining moisture from your bath or shower.

If you have naturally curly hair then you know how difficult it can be to manage and hold onto a style that looks good, even when you have it cut short. Curly hair has the same problem, but since we all have a certain amount of natural curl we can work around this issue by using products specifically designed to help you get more volume and shine from your curls. Try adding a little bit of jojoba or coconut oil to your hair to thicken it. Also, don't brush your hair while it's wet, because it will increase the rate at which it dries out and you'll end up with a frizzy mess instead of a healthy mane.

Once you've finished your shower and washed your hair, the best thing you can do for your hair care routine is to start with a deep cleansing shampoo. This will get rid of any leftover dirt and oil from your hair care routine and will prepare your hair type for the next step. The next step is a clarifying shampoo. This works to reduce any build up from the shampoo you just used and will give your hair shafts a nice clean feel. Finally, your normal shampoo should be used to restore the pH balance of your scalp and to lock in the moisture your hair needs after the clarifying shampoo.

You might find that you have a greasy buildup on your scalp and in your hair after every wash, especially if you wear an electric brush to shampoo. The greasy build-up is from the build-up of sebum the glands in your scalp produce. This sebum is what gives your hair the shiny, silky texture. To remove the excess sebum and smooth your texture, use a moisturizing shampoo once your routine is over or follow these easy tips for a silky, frizz-free hair type.

If you notice that your hair type has a greasy buildup after every shampooing or at least after every second washing, the best thing you can do for your hair type is to use an anti-frizz serum. These serums will work to reduce the look of dizziness by taking care of the bonds that link your strands together. After each bath or shower take a few minutes to rub in a good amount of the anti-frizz serum into your damp hair and scalp and then rinse thoroughly to remove the serum. This will keep your hair from looking greasy after every wash.