Hair Care Products For Men - The Ordinary Hair Care Regimen For Your Hair

The ordinary serum is the most simple yet effective method to take care of your hair. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the scalp and nourish your hair from within. A serum used on the scalp is most effective at revitalizing your scalp and taking care of damaged hair.

the ordinary hair care


A good serum should contain three main ingredients such as marula oil, licorice extract and vitamin B6. Marula oil is an oil from the Moroccan plant Marula officinalis. It contains fatty acids that promote hair growth. Licorice extract is extracted from the root of the same plant. It can stimulate the blood flow and improve the supply of oxygen to the hair roots thus helping in the acceleration of hair growth.

Vitamin B6 also known as Biotin has the ability to stimulate hair growth. It is available in different forms such as creams, tablets, capsules and dehydrated flakes. In an ordinary multi-peptide serum, the essential oil for the stimulation of hair cells is combined with vitamin B6 to enhance the effectiveness. Also, the cold-pressed virgin marula oil is included to improve the condition of the cuticle. All of these ingredients work together to stimulate the scalp and improve the quality of the hair density.

Silicone gels are applied on the scalp daily in an ordinary 100% natural way. This simple silica gels have the ability to restore the lost moisture and oils of the hair. It also protects the scalp from being exposed to harsh elements like sunlight, which can result to premature aging. There are many other natural ingredients that are applied on the scalp daily in an ordinary hair care treatment. Some of these include avocado, bentonite clay, olive and jojoba oils. You may choose from the list of ingredients according to your preference.

The next step towards healthy hair is cleansing the scalp of all the debris that might have accumulated in the scalp. This is achieved through the use of the ordinary 100% natural cleansers available in the market. These include herbal and green tea cleansers which are effective in eliminating the toxins from the body system. The use of a deep-cleaning shampoo done daily also enhances the hair's growth rate. The regular use of the deep-cleansing shampoo improves the quality of the scalp and makes it healthy.

The next step towards hair growth is the use of an organic cold-pressed argan oil moisturizing shampoo. This is very useful when the hair has been damaged due to various reasons. The argan oil present in the organic cold-pressed argan oil moisturizing shampoo penetrates the hair shaft and sebum that exist within the hair follicles to promote hair growth. This organic hair care multi-peptide serum contains the K rastase serum which aids in improving the texture of the hair and increases the density of the keratin contained in the hair strand.

To improve the condition of the scalp, the next step is to mix 2 drops of the essential oil of your choice. A few drops of lavender oil and a couple drops of tea tree oil can be added to this mixture for further enhancement. The essential oil of your choice can be sweetened using honey or cinnamon powder. Mix 2 drops of the essential oil with four drops of the lavender oil and cinnamon powder and apply it on the scalp. This remedy can be used at least thrice per week.

The fourth step towards healthy hair is to massage olive oil into the scalp at least twice per day. An additional use of a teaspoonful of the essential oil can be added to the massage oil for better results. Massaging olive oil into the scalp can be done for an hour once per day.