Domtar Personal Care Products for Employees

Domtar Personal Care (DPC) is a division of Domtar Corp. It was founded in 1983 by Frank Kern. It is one of the major producers of adult incontinence supplies. DPC was founded for the purpose of improving the quality of the diaper rash products it sold and for meeting demand in the marketplace.

domtar personal care


The domtar personal care 401 (k) plan provides coverage for medical and dental expenses related to a covered condition. The company offers three options for the plan's beneficiaries: a single individual plan, a dual individual plan, and an adult diapers program. The company defines a single individual plan as coverage for one individual who is not the primary caregiver for an accompanying dependent. A dual individual plan is coverage for two people who are not the same person or are not related to each other. An adult diapers program is coverage that is available for anyone who regularly attends healthcare services and for whom diapers are necessary. Benefit options are provided under the program for both men and women.

Under the domtar personal care 401 (k) plan, there is a defined contribution to the plan for the beneficiary. There are two contributing factors to the plan: a payroll deposit and a predefined rate of return. The payroll deposit is made to cover expenses such as employer-sponsored insurance premiums and Medicare. A predefined rate of return is a percentage of a monthly income that is given to the beneficiary.

In addition to the predefined contribution, a secondary payee can also be added to the plan. This additional payee is defined as the alternate payee, if the primary payee cannot contribute enough to meet the entire cost of the plan. If the primary payee cannot meet the eligibility requirements, then an alternate payee can be chosen. In this case, the secondary payee is responsible for making the monthly premium payment on behalf of the employee.

The domtar personal care 401 (k) plan offers a variety of options to address the needs of the employees in addition to the employees themselves. The employees may choose to purchase disposable diapers, adult incontinence undergarments, leggings, washable hygiene products, and training pants. These options are available at different prices. Employees who need to have adult incontinence training pants and leggings will find training pants and leggings at much cheaper prices than the disposable diapers and adult hygiene products.

The plan also offers training pants that are resistant to incontinence. The adult incontinent employees are able to wear adult diapers and disposable baby diapers under these training pants and leggings. The cost savings of using disposable diapers and baby diapers instead of quality hygiene products for adult incontinence and other employees is significant when compared to using quality hygiene products that would increase the cost. Therefore, in addition to purchasing disposable products, the employees must also purchase quality training pants and leggings for added protection and hygiene protection. In this case, the cost savings will be re-invested into the quality of the products and into the employee's health.

One of the benefits of purchasing the care plan through Domtar is that employees are eligible for the care products for adult incontinence, stretch mark protection, and dry cleaning. These additional benefits make the plan even more beneficial to employees and employers. When the plan is purchased by an employer, the employer takes responsibility for providing the employees with the products they need and the employees no longer have to purchase the care products on their own. The cost savings to the employer can offset the cost of purchasing the additional benefits.

Many of the employees have reported increased productivity and job satisfaction as a direct result of using the Domtar personal care product line. The product line includes adult incontinence undergarments and protective underwear, and products like washable rags and wipes. Because the products are odorless and tasteless, they allow the person to continue with their daily routine without having to worry about the embarrassment or humiliation of other people noticing their condition. Because of their effectiveness and the extra help that it gives the employee, many workers have reported that they no longer need to use the bathroom at work, which has led to an increase in profitability for the employer. As an added benefit, the employee doesn't have to spend money on other personal care products that may not be as effective and are not cost effective.